Adding a standard page header
This section will explain how to add a standard page header to a new page

Step 1: Login

Head over to your site's login page
Enter you username or email address and password provided to you.

Step 2: Select the page

Head over to the pages menu item, then click on the home page (or whatever page you want to add/change/remove the slider on).
Select pages (Item 1) then the page you wish to change (Item 2)

Step 3: Launch the Divi builder Click the purple button "Edit With The Divi Builder"

Click the purple

Step 4: Add the header section

First scroll to the bottom of the page and then click the blue plus icon in the middle of the page.
You might need to click the area above for the blue plus icon to show

Step 5: Add the header from the library

Switch over to "Add From Library", then click the green footer button. This will add the Header template from the global library.

Step 6: Disable the header global settings

This next step is very important, as this is a global item, any changes you make will affect the entire site unless you disable the global settings. You can do that by clicking the header then clicking the three dots and clicking "disable global".

Step 7: Save and push changes

You can read how to do this by clicking to the link and scrolling down to step 6
Last modified 1yr ago