How to create a new customer success story
This section will go over how to create a new customer success story.

Step 1: Login

Head over to your site's login page
Enter you username or email address and password provided to you.

Step 2: Head over to the projects section and click "add new"

Click on the projects section and then click "add new".

Step 3: Switch over to using the Divi Builder

Step 4: Add the pages title

Add the pages title then click save draft, once this is done you can edit it with Divi Builder.
Enter the title in title area (1), then save the draft (2) then click "Edit With The Divi Builder" (3)

Step 5: Clone existing page

Choose from 1 or 4 the projects - then edit the content to fit the new success story.

Step 6: Save and push changes

You can read how to do this by clicking to the link and scrolling down to step 6.
Last modified 1yr ago