How to add / remove pages from the menu

This section will describe how to add / remove pages from the menu

Step 1: Login

Head over to your site's login page
Enter you username or email address and password provided to you.

Step 2: Head over to the appearance -> Menus

Head over to the appearance then menu section like shown below.

Step 3: Add the menu items

Click the view all on the tabular view on the right, then click the check-mark boxes to add the relevant pages as required. Then click the "add to menu" button, you can than arrange the layot of the menu. Once you are happy with the layout you can click the "save menu" button as shown below below.

Step 4: How to remove a menu item

Click on the menu item you wish to delete, this will open an additional menu, click the remove button. Once you are done you can click the save menu button.